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Horndean Biodiversity

Describing and illustrating the great variety of species to be found in the Horndean area. Sightings and pictures from local people are welcomed and will be added to the list with acknowledgements (Caption and identification would be appreciated but is not essential).

Area recorded:-
The area within approximately a 3 mile radius of Horndean, extending from Havant Thicket, the Holt and Wick Hanger in the east to Denmead and Broadhalfpenny Down in the west, and from Clanfield in the north to Park Wood and Queen's Inclosure in the south.

Abbreviations used for Habitats and major Wildlife Sites :-
CDN = Catherington DownHDN = Horndean DownJCP = James's CopseWHG = Wick Hanger
CLT = Catherington LithHVT = Havant ThicketPWD = Park WoodWLG = Wildlife Garden
DPW = Dell Piece WestHZC = Hazleton CommonQEC = Queen's InclosureYLC = Yoells Copse

The web pages of plants and animals are arranged into 14 groups, highlighting the biodiversity of the Horndean area. If you have a garden, however small and can manage a part for wildlife (pond or portion of the lawn as a wildflower meadow) then you can be sure the wildlife will come to you and will give excellent opportunities for close study and photography.

There is a big threat from housing development, particularly with the attraction of selling gardens. Also the big increase in spreding gravel or paving large areas of the garden. Many gardens in Horndean form part of valuable wildlife 'corridors' particulary where they were once part of ancient boundaries and hedgerows.

The recent slowdown in house building could be an asset to wildlife, also changes in climate has its pros and cons provided we retain as many native trees as possible which provide a stabilising effect on the environment.

A new page is being created on "Horndean Trees" at present resting under the Tree Wardens page. This will emphasise the value and importance of Urban Trees in the Horndean area, and help to preserve our precious fragmented open spaces and habitats for future generations to enjoy and for our biodiversity to survive.
These pages will provide a contribution to local parish and district biodiversity plans.

Horndean Biodiversity GroupHorndean Biodiversity Group

A focal point for all those interested in observing and recording the local wildlife and habitats.

A number of projects and surveys have been carried out by local people - records are often kept by individuals but much of the information is lost in time and would be of great value in the future for those monitoring changes to the flora and fauna and those campaigning to keep and conserve our local habitats.

Four current projects include :-

Parish Hedgerow Survey(HPC/HWT/CPRE/EHDC)
Butterfly Transects on 6 Horndean areas(HPC/Butterfly Conservation)
Moth Trapping on 5 local sites(HPC/ " " )
Yoell's Copse, Ancient Woodland Survey(HPC/HBic/BSBI)

Please let us know your interests, and especially any local wildlife observations, records or photos you have or would like to 'swap notes'.

The biggest challenge for the group is the 'storing' of data collected in a way that it accessible and of value for research, historical interest and analysis. This includes photographic images, maps, documents and a database. If you would like to join our 'list' of recorders contact John Vigay.

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