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Welcome to the Wildlife & Conservation section of Vigay.com

These pages are aimed at helping people to find out, support and become involved with wildlife conservation and natural habitats in the East Hampshire region from Purbrook to Butser, centred on Horndean.

If you have any queries or require more information on any topics in this section, please contact John Vigay

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Throughout this website there are a number of photo galleries. By clicking on the small 'thumbnail' images you can enter the corresponding photo gallery and view the large images.

The Horndean Countryside in February 2009

What can one say about February ? Very wet, cold, icy with a short spell of snow in Horndean. The photo gallery this month shows (1) and (2) Snow at Dell Piece West on 2nd February (3) Frost on leaves, a frequent sight this month and (4) the pond at Pyle Farm frozen over like most others.
(5) Our wild garden ponds were well frozen and water was put out for the birds together with plenty of seed on the bird table, this attracted many garden birds and as usual plenty of squirrels.(6,7 and 8). Some birds became aggresive particularly the blackbirds and collard doves that went for the wood pigeons and scared them away. Amongst the rarer birds we had regular visits from a great spotted woodpecker, nuthatches, hedge sparrows (and many house sparrows) and just one brief visit by a greenfinch. Of great interest, Stephen Harwood has spotted a barn owl flying into his barn loft.

[image 1/dpwp3176/jpg] [image 2/dpwp3177/jpg] [image 3/d1205/jpg] [image 4/pondp3147/jpg]
[image 5/wgp3178/jpg] [image 6/bdsqd1287/jpg] [image 7/birdsd1281/jpg] [image 8/birdsd1295/jpg]

The Horndean Countryside in January 2009

A really cold start for the new year! All our pictures so far were made difficult because I was unable to feel my fingers. (1) Moles were very busy at Catherington Down and were still active at the end of January digging through hard frozen ground. (2) Frosted oak leaves at Dell Piece West on the 7th Jan, I notice one of the leaves is from a Turkey Oak. (3) and (4) were both taken at Catherington Down on the 9th Jan, the only bird seen was a kestel sitting in a tree hoping to spot a mouse.

[image 1/d1264/jpg] [image 2/p3150/jpg] [image 3/p3157/jpg] [image 4/p3162/jpg]
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